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City of Sheffield Junior 
Water Polo Teams
ages 12-16

The junior section of the club is for 11-16 year olds. The majority of our players are fed in from the Academy but we also except new players; strong swimmers are always encouraged as this age is played in all deep water. 
The juniors compete in the local league, the Northern League tournaments and fun tournaments as mixed groups based on age. Every player gets to compete in these. We also enter the National Age Groups, which is the elite competition for Juniors, where we take the strongest players to compete, as separate Boys and Girls Teams. We have a history of doing very well in at both a local and national level. 
All of our Juniors train as part of the regional Academies, with high representation in the regional competitions. We also encourage players to attend the National Talent Centres which feed into the national set up, which many of our players are currently a part of. 
Our Juniors feed into our senior men, senior women and youth squads.

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Head Coach

James Newsam 
Gabby williams
Dev Sacmacioglu

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Assistant Coaches

Jess shallow 
Tristan Condie 

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